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The world’s dumbest criminals

Having to enlist the help of a criminal lawyer is no laughing matter. Firstly, it means you have been charged with a crime. Secondly, it could mean that you have spent some time in jail while thirdly, it will mean you having to pay your way out of trouble. The bail alone to spend your night outside the confines of a jail cell will be expensive enough you think, until you come face to face with a criminal lawyer telling you about their upfront fees, their add ons and the win bonus. You thought freedom was priceless, but it turns out that like with so many other parts of your life, you are incorrect. Thus, proving that enlisting the help of a lawyer to defend you is no laughing matter. It is important to hire the leading criminal lawyers from Sydney city to ensure that you’ll win your case..

However, the reason you find yourself in front of a lawyer may just be. There are numerous stories out there that cement themselves in public folklore, whether they are true or not is a matter for another day. They have been accepted in the public minds as the truth and if enough people believe it’s the truth, it doesn’t matter whether it is or not.

Take for example, the story of a man in New York, the city of dreams, the concrete jungle, where petty crime is a daily occurrence, who after mugging another member of the public, was set upon by a couple of men using their sticks to beat him. However, these men weren’t just any men, they were Irishmen, and those sticks weren’t just any sticks, they were hurls made from Ash, used for playing the Irish sport of Hurling. The man was eventually arrested after his run in with the Irish and was said to have admitted his crime to police with the added explanation that he didn’t know what happened but “these guys came out of nowhere beating me with giant wooden spoons”. Whether this excuse was used by his lawyer in his defence and whether the judge showed any leniency because of it is unknown.

According to O’Sullivan Legal, there are a few more crimes that will make even the most hard-nosed criminal lawyer let out a chuckle when asked to defend. One such story involves a man who broke into the home of an old couple and was in the middle of taking some of their most prized belongings in the upstairs of the house when he let out a chuckle. The reason why? He had heard a joke told downstairs between the elderly couple and it was so funny that he couldn’t hold the laughter in. Rumour has it he wasn’t laughing when charged with the criminal offence of breaking and entering.

In another story, this time in Germany, police were asked to follow up on the complaints from a local lawyer. The lawyer had found that during his working day, he had been receiving multiple deliveries of pizzas as well as other fast food items. He had lodged a complaint with police and members of the force had to investigate the pizza stalker. Whether he was found or not is unknown, but who knew sending too much free food to a person’s place of work was a crime.

Finally, one more crime that could be added to a section of the old show America’s Dumbest Criminals, one man was charged with burglary of his mum’s house when he attempted to do it during the day. His excuse when admitting the crime to police was that he thought he could only be charged if the crime had been committed at night. He had not been welcome at his mums house for a few months but I think that has been extended to years.


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