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Legal Advice for the Elderly

As we begin to age, we find ourselves needing to make decisions which once seemed unimportant or a distant concern. The fact of the matter is, our health begins to diminish at a much faster rate once we reach a certain age.

If your parents are currently going through such a time it can be daunting at first, but once you make yourselves aware of what needs to be done from a legal point of view, we usually find that minds are put at ease. To learn more about the types of legal services available for the elderly, keep reading.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Being able to make our own decisions is a big part of our overall independence as adults. Unfortunately, as we begin to age, making these decisions can become more and more difficult as we find that we aren’t able to think as clearly as we once were.

Appointing a Power of Attorney will;

  • Allow your parents to delegate the important decisions they need to make to a person they trust. This will usually be their children or another suitable party.
  • The decisions this person will be able to make will include both their financial affairs as well as in regard to any medical treatment they may be receiving.

The donor must have their faculties to be able to sign over a Lasting Power of Attorney so it’s always a good idea to broach this subject as early as reasonably possible.

No Power of Attorney

In some instances, the ill health of your parents may have taken you by surprise, not giving you enough time to make the required legal preparations. In this case, you will be able to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as a Deputy.

This process can be very lengthy but there will usually be assistance if required. Legal support for aging parents in Loughborough can be sought from one of several law firms operating across the region. Simply get in touch with a few and seek their advice.

A Deputyship Order will allow you to make decisions on behalf of your parents in a similar fashion to the Power of Attorney. Some responsibilities may include:

  • Working closely with the professional staff that are assisting your parents, helping to communicate for them and assisting them in making decisions.
  • Making decisions involving their financial affairs to ensure that any investments or savings are taken care of.
  • Ensuring that your loves ones receive the highest quality of life possible.

Will Writing

It is always a good idea to make sure that your parents are in possession of a recent and accurate will that takes into account their wishes. They may already have this document written which may be in the possession of their solicitor. We would suggest that any changes required are made whilst your parents retain as much of their faculties as possible to ensure that their wishes are best represented.

Seeing your loved ones’ age is never easy, which is why making use of sound legal advice to act in their best interests is important.

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