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Key Questions to Ask Your Immigration Solicitor

Choosing the right immigration solicitor can be challenging, it is a sensitive issue which requires a lot of understanding between both parties. You’ll want to hire an experienced solicitor who has plenty of knowledge on all aspects of UK immigration law. It is a hugely important part of your life, so why settle for anything less than one of the best representatives you can afford. Here are a few questions you might like to ask your immigration solicitor before hiring.

How long have you been involved in UK immigration law?

You’ll want to hire a person who knows the industry inside out, not someone who has just taken up immigration law a few months ago. As stated above, it is an incredibly important time in your life and if you fail to get the right decision, it may have numerous negative connotations.  Ask your potential solicitor how long they’ve been involved in UK immigration law and what are their credentials.

Have you dealt with cases like mine?

An immigration solicitor who has handled plenty of cases similar to yours will know the best route to take when applying for a visa, they’ll easily be able to highlight any red flags and take steps to smooth over the cracks. You’ll need a skilled solicitor if your case is sensitive or requires specialist knowledge in a specific field of immigration law.

Can you provide me with a general outline of procedures?

A first-rate immigration solicitor will be able to give you a summary of their plans, they should have no issues explaining their plan of action and outlining key objectives. If you consult with a solicitor who seems a bit clueless and has no idea where to start, it is time to seek out another legal professional. If you are looking to hire assistance for your visa application in the capital, only settle for the best immigration solicitors in London to help you with the task.

How do you rate my chances of success?

You’ll want a solicitor who is honest with you, not just someone who promises you the world only to have your visa rejected almost instantly. Now is not the time for fairy tales, you need a solicitor who is realistic about your chances, you also want a person who is confident in their own abilities and believes they can get the right result.

Do you, or anyone working in your firm speak my native language?

If English isn’t your first language or you aren’t highly proficient, you could ask whether your solicitor or any of their colleagues speak your language. London is a diverse, multiracial city so the chances of finding a solicitor who does are very high.

There are numerous other important questions to ask your immigration solicitor, these are just a small sample of some of the most important ones. It is vital that you hire an individual who has experience with cases like yours, a person who will give you all the care and attention you deserve throughout the whole process.

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