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Common Mistakes Many People Make Whilst Undergoing a Divorce

Of course, no married couple ever wished to find themselves ever getting divorced, and that was never a thought on the day of their marriage, but unfortunately fate somehow changes things and sadly life does not turn out the way you had once hoped.

  • And when the inevitable does happen, neither party wishes for any errors.

So, let’s take a quick look at the mistakes which people commonly make whilst going through divorce proceedings:

If people simply aren’t aware of their full legal rights or how certain behaviour can influence a divorce, they may just end up with a less than favourable financial and custody conclusion. As a matter of fact, in a worst-case scenario, anyone who makes mistakes can even end up having to cope with criminal charges and alienation from their children.

A Highly Stressful Time

Getting a divorce is usually a highly stressful experience, and it is understandable why many good people wish to put off dealing with hard divorce concerns such as asset division and who will receive primary responsibility for any children.

  • A divorce is definitely a legal proceeding which needs expert legal advice to ensure that everything flows smoothly and is dealt with professionally.

For instance, a couple might have agreed on dividing their assets or prepared child custody in a manner which is not favourable to one party. (Due to one or both parties being simply unaware of the law).

And while lawyers encourage divorcing couples to figure out a jointly agreeable settlement, lawyers may also advise their clients that they should do nothing until they have gone over the client’s financial situation.

  • If a verbal agreement has already been decided, it may be bothersome for the spouse to later on request their fair share.

Concealing or Dispersing

Divorce lawyers will wish to get the full story of a couple’s financial situation, so that they can then expertly advise their clients how any assets should be managed.

  • However, some partners have lead separate financial lives, where they have some extra finances or investments stashed away or have run up massive debts.

Not disclosing this type of information during divorce proceedings will be viewed as fraud and will result in criminal charges for the dishonest spouse or even an expensive legal battle and divorce settlement.

From the Frying Pan into the Fire

Incredible as it seems, some spouses make matters even worse by starting up a new romantic partnership during divorce proceedings. This is a recipe for tension between former partners and the courts will take a dour view in such a scenario, with maybe even the upset spouse, become unforgiving, and make it a long drawn out affair.

Make sure to contact and consult with legal professionals who can help you along the way and with the best of results.

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